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Postby Scoundrell » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:18 pm

Since there was nothing here already, I start the ball rolling. I'm maxxed on Make Poison but must admit I have been out of touch in regards to the latest poisons. I tweak this post as time goes by as I get back in the swing.

For now, hears some great links for the older stuff and the new:
- Guild called Vexillarius Australis and their handy Guide to New Poisons.
- EQ Traders Recipes for Make Poison

Old school poisons (courtesy of posts I made on Fantasy Awakened board back in 2005)

Dreams of Drusella
Trivial: 322 (thats from my Pestle list, dont believe the 252 from Allakhazam)
Effect: Removes -250 hate counters per proc
Duration: 15 Min

Mortar and Pestle (1) Storebought
Remiss Sketch (1) Returned on Failure Returned on Success
** Note: You must quest the Remiss Sketch ... it is easiest of the Sketches to get OR make Master Sketch**
Advanced Poison Vial (1) Crafted with Pottery, 17 Trivial Returned on Failure
Celestial Suspension (1) Crafted with Poisonmaking, 46 Trivial
Nodding Blue Lily (1) easy to farm
Dropped ... I found these to drop like candy while plowing around in Seb. Slaughter the live frogs up top, the undead ones in the tunnels never had it.
Twilight Worms (1) easy to farm
Plow through entry area of Akheva Ruins and kill Centi Dators. TY Zarlooth for this info
Foraged in Twilight Sea, hire a Druid, etc
Dropped ... Plane of Earth, havent tried this yet
Drop of Mercury (1)

No snarer in group? Mobs keep running off to make adds? Try these:

Spirit of Sloth (Muscle Lock)
Trivial: 275
Effect: Slow movement (Snare)

Creeper Ivy (2) Storebought
Ethereal Suspension (1) Storebought
Sealed Poison Vial (1) Storebought Crafted with Pottery, 15 Trivial

Probably a good chance this would get resisted since last time I had used these was in PoV in my 50s. It got resisted some even then but its still worth a shot if no other means exist to snare.


Spine Rend
Trivial: 322
Effect: Confine Poison (Reduce movement/snare 41% - 55%)

Advanced Poison Vial
Drop of Mercury - Made from gnomish spirits (lil gnome NPC by Doggle Bank), mercuric ore (Ciren in western trader bldg)
Crystallized Sulfur - Drops in multiple zones, look on vendors.
Mistletoe - Bought from NPC Mirao Frostpouch in PoK, n88, n210, In a building in the eastern section of town, near PoT stone.
Celestial Suspension - Made from:
- Ethereal Suspension (PoK DE poison vendors)
- Celestial Essence (Mixing Bowl: Celestial Solvent, buy from Darius Gandril @ 50, 1530, Western trader building and The Scent of Marr, buy from Loran Thu`Leth @ -115, 1407, Western trader building)

You can make these into a 10 dose so this is the best bang for the buck.
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