AC Augs and where to get them

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AC Augs and where to get them

Postby Hetikar » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:09 am

All credit goes to Zahbuza of Quellious

AC30 HP80 Drop of Dread--Neck-- Grellik, Master of Torments (Level: 86) -Kaesora Library
AC25 HP155 head face neck chest Dark Soul Crystal--Head -- QUEST
AC30 HP75- Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating - Right Ear - Guardian- Overvolt Rigster the IV - Dragonscale Hills
AC30 HP70 Timeworn Bone Shard--Left Finger--library director eslisar--kaesora library
AC35 Charged Alloy Bolt--Left Wrist -- Station Attendant Sparkbolt (Level: 85) --The Steam Factory


AC30 HP50 7 8 Warleader's Pearl--Arms--Gyrospire Beza--Minotaur Warleader (Level: 84)
AC30 HP30 7 8 Illsalin Enforcer Medal--Right Wrist--The Last Migration--Undershore
AC30 HP30 7 8 Forged Froststeel Ingot--Right Finger--Rallosian Acolyte Aemon (Level: 78)--Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King
AC30 Jewel of the Stalwart--Shoulders--Royal Cryptguard Zerakt (Level: 81)--Valdeholm
AC30 Colepotera Mechanical Beetle Eye--Back--Coleoptera Assault Sweeper (Level: 82)--The Mechamatic Guardian: Solo Tasks


AC25 HP90 Feral Eye--Legs--Jracsza the Feral (Level: 85)--Field of Scale
AC25 HP100 Bonegrinder's Bauble--Feet--an ancient bonegrinder (Level: 85)--Field of Scale
AC30 HP60 Crest of the Scarlet Legions--Range--Argil Oppressor (Level: 80)--Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale
AC32 HP75 Bayle's Heraldic Crest--Shield slot--Quest
AC18 HP200 1 thru 12 Black Gemstone of Pain- type 4 Weapon slot aka Epic--BIC QUEST
AC15 HP90- Valthon's Memory Shard - Charm slot only-- QUEST - The Invasion of the Defilers - hills of shade

Some Very Decent Augs worthy of mention, in no particular order:

AC25 HP155- Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus - face slot only-- QUEST
AC15 HP135- Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand - Hand slot only-- QUEST

AC35 HP50- Geartop Gear - Geartop (85) spawns adds - MMM

AC25 HP40- Polished Caracite - Dungore (Level: 71) - Dragonscale Hills
AC20 HP72- Cursed Obsidian Faycite - QUEST- Hills of shade
AC15 HP100- Black Undead Shissar Scale - Slitherer (Level: 82)- Silyssar, New Chelsith
AC15 HP80- Tainted Brownie Heart- Eldervine the Twisted (Level: 84)- Fortress Mechanotus
AC10 HP100- Shield of the Otherworld - EASY QUEST- Vergalid Mines
AC25 HP25- Stonewarden NON LORE can go in 6 slots- Alex Hutchison (Level: 73)- Dreadspire Keep- HEAD ARMS WRIST HANDS FEET
AC25 HP25- Shard of the Guardian NON LORE can go in 5 slots- Shadowy Student (Level: 73)- EAR RANGE FINGER

AC5 HP135- Ak'Anon Strike Force V Black Badge- QUEST very involved-Spy Reports-Gurtrude the Spymaster-Fortress Mechanotus
Ac20 HP45- Steelward Stone- an imprisoned general (Level: 73)- Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
AC10 HP60- Gem of Scrykin Magus- Tallongast the Discarded (Level: 75)- Skylance: The Laboratory
AC15 HP80- Anti-Impact Helical Spring II- a gnome necromancer (Levels: 79 - 81)- Gyrospire Beza: End the Return
AC20 HP60- Gali Vertebra- Garayy Gali (Level: 78)- The Buried Sea
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