Ancient Iksar Mask Walkthrough

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Ancient Iksar Mask Walkthrough

Postby Hetikar » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:07 am

All Credit goes to Xonues of Quellious

Iksar Mask Quest in FOS

- Hail Phara'Dar and say 'see this through'
- You will be assigned the task: The Grand Illusion
- Hail Phara'Dar again and say Foot - Get task Something Evil Afoot
- Hail Phara'Dar again and say Hand - Get task Idle Hands
- Hail Phara'Dar again and say Ribcage- Get task Purify the Body
- Hail Phara'Dar again and say Skull - Get task The Skull of the Ancient

Getting the Foot

Head into Kaesora (in FOS, not the instanced zones)
Heading East from the main gate, after the first building on the right you will see 4 pillars with 2 Iksar Masters in the middle. Between them is a Pile of Bones.

Hard way: Kill Masters, open and then loot bones.
Easy way: Have someone WITHOUT THE TASK /open the bones for you, then loot.

You will not get aggro from Masters. Hand in to Phara'Dar to complete quest.

Getting the Hand

Head NW from Phara'Dar and find Tharrolls Tower. Watch out for the undead guards. Be invis (not ITU), and enter the tower through the north door. There are no undead here. While invis hail the Shade of Tharroll and say 'earthly remains' . The task will update.

Head into Kaesora. Moving east from the main gate go into the second building on the left. Be invis. You will see a pile of bones in the centre of the room.

Hard way: Clear the room, then open and loot.
Easier way: someone can train the room clean, then you loot.

It is also possible to suicide loot this if you are quick.

Hand in to Phara'Dar to complete quest.

Getting the Ribcage

Kill random Iksar till ribcage drops. It is a good idea to grab the Food Supplies task from Severilious and kill Iksar Hunters, as they drop the ribcage and you are updating the other task as well.

-Hand Ribcage to Phara'Dar.
-Go to Talendor and say 'ribcage'
-Head to near Kurns Tower (north of the dragons) and kill Iksar Alchemists for the fire flask
-Hand flask in to Talendor
-Kill Iksar Skeletons (any undead model) till Tar drops
-Hand Tar to Talendor
-Head to the NE part of zone. There is a little island with 4 pillars. Task will update when you are in the right place.
- Wait for Calegos, The Living Flame to spawn. He only spawns between 10 pm and 6 am game time.
- Hand in the Ribcage to Calegos.
- Hand in Purified Robcage to Phara'Dar

Getting the skull

- Go to Field of Bones. Yes, Field of Bones. Not Field of Scales. Easiest way to do this is either POK stone to Cabilis, or if you are already in FOS zone out via Emerals Jungle , then zone back in.

- Once in FOB, go to Kaesora, and fine Commander Koh. He is now an undead iksar, and drops a Petrified Iksar Skull.
- Go back to FOS and hand in Skull to Phara'Dar.

Hail Phara'Dar again to get the Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar.

KUDOS GOES OUT TO: Sarenot the mage, on the mage boards for collecting this info.

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