SoD tier 2 armor Walkthru

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SoD tier 2 armor Walkthru

Postby cilidra » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:07 pm

The new SoD tier 2 (visible) armor quest uses the stuff sold by Zebuxoruk in the void and drops from various zones. I believe all (8) visible slot for all classes can be made this way.

The make the armor you combine an nodrop item named (xxxxx ) seminal (xxxxxx) (ex: )
with an slot secific (xxxxxx) mutating tinea (ex: )
into class specific cocoon bought from Zebuxoruk (ex: )

To know which slot the (xxx) seminal (xxx) is for just look at its description (ex: slot: HANDS, WRIST)
To know which (xxx) mutating tinea you need to buy is the same just look at its description (ex: slot: HANDS)

The result would be armor that that is class specific (notrade) with name starting with discordant or concordant follwed by class specific term and then armor type/armor slot (for example discordant earthborn leather gloves )

The only drop you need is the (xxx) seminal (xxx) which seems to drop often from trash NAMED in field of scale and likely in other zones as well. The nice thing is (i believe) is that all the (xxx) seminal (xxx) work on all classes (fit all classes) and most give the option of 2 different armor slot (except for chest) so really easy to get the one you need (4 basic (xxx) seminal (xxx) model total not 7 per clas). However they are notrade. Fairly easy to get I got 3 myself so far all single group.

NOTE: you dont need faction to make hand and wrist slot items (though you need chronobines to buy some components) BUT to do the other armor slot you do need to have completed the oceangreen theme progression (i.e. have access to the void B)

I believe these can be further upgraded with additionnal drops/bought stuff in higher zones.

Obviously those are not raid gear but are still very good items AND the have the focuses up to lvl 85. Much easier to achieve than SoF armor.

Hope this is helpfull, will post more details about upgrading them when i come accross it.
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