Unlocking Rk 3 spells for Ladies of the Light

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Unlocking Rk 3 spells for Ladies of the Light

Postby EQIsenhart » Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:20 pm

his faction represents the npc's in the tower in Dragonscale where you port in from guild hall.

The supplier for Ladies of the Light is Seridyn, found in the tower in Dragonscale.

* Spell: Chromassault Rk. II
* Spell: Funnel of Frost Rk. II
* Spell: Monster summoning VI
* Spell: Phantasmal Orb. Rk. II
* Spell: Preincarnation Rk. II
* Spell: Tangleweave Energy Rk. II


* Song: Arcane Anthem Rk. II
* Spell: Mana Resurgence Auru Rk. II
* Spell: Summer's Viridity Rk. II
* Spell: Summon Cauldron of Many Things
* Spell: Trail for Honor Rk. II
* Spell: Ward of Resurgance Rk. II
* Tome of Wheel of Fists Rk. II
* Emblem of Tri`Qaras

Elite Vendor

The elite supplier for Ladies of the Light is Alissa Saint Claire, she sells the Rk III versions of the above spells. To unlock these spells you must complete the following set of tasks:

* The Moonfires' Burning Desiress
* Mash Brownies
* The Rescue
* The Queen's Demise
* The Festival of Nightmares
* The Talking Tree
* Disposing of Unwanted Things
* Engine Room Schematics
* Security? Yeah Right
* Tracking the Steamworks
* Mechamatic Memory Manipulation
* Vrald's Lost Brother

TY Aithzarx for posting the link.
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