Counting Shadows ( Tskill 5 - Fletching)

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Counting Shadows ( Tskill 5 - Fletching)

Postby Daioe Sozenports » Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:24 am

To find the secret of the shadow spike you will need to open the sealed box. To open this box you will need to follow the directions within this book closely. It is advised that you read all of the directions before you proceed, ere you imperil your life.
To find the correct box you will need to collect the three shadow boxes. These boxes will be hidden in a shell of wealth. These shells will need to be removed before they can be used. You may only remove these shells when you are near the altar by the pit surrounded by water in the shade. The boxes must be opened in three different manners. The magic of the boxes is such that a particular box does not need a particular opening but instead the order which you open the boxes decides which method is used to open each box.
The first may only be opened when the stars fill the skies. You must use the tools of a fletcher to work the essence of the stars into the patterns of the box. The second box may be opened any time after the first box has been opened, and for it you must work the spirit of roots into the patterns of the box. For the final box you must have the rays of the sun strike the box as you work the nectar of peace into the patterns of the box.
Once all of the shadow boxes have lost their shroud and the light of day has arrived, you must place them on the altar. Though the steps you must take may seem simple, you have but one third of an hour to complete your task, if you do not then all will be lost and even your life may be forfeit. You must do this in the light of day, 5am to 7pm, or your life will be forfeit. It is not necessary that light of the sun actually touches the boxes, as long as it is when the sun is in the sky, fog and clouds only affect positioning, not the requirement that the sun be above the horizon.

Similar to the way that the specific boxes did not matter in the removing of the shrouds, you do not need to choose a specific box to go first, by placing the box, you will be designating it as the first. Place the first box in the center of the altar. Once it casts a shadow you will be ready to place the second box. The sun will be shining on one side of the box, the west side, the east side or the top of the box. To be precise you can divide the day into thirds to decide when this time may be. Step to the side of the altar on the side of the box that is lit by the sun. If the sun is shining on the top of the box, stand to the east of the altar. Once you are in the proper position you may place the box. Once you have placed the second box, and it has cast its shadows, you may place the third box. Move to the other side of the altar and place the third box. If clouds, fog or other atmospheric effects keep the sun from shining on the box, you must reverse all directions and start on the side of the box that would be shadow if the sun was actually shining on it.
Now you must choose the correct box. Consider the boxes to be in a circle and when you count, from one to two to three back to one then two. So if you start at one, and add five you are in fact at three. Starting at one add the hourly angle that the sun is from the start of a new day. If your reason for opening the box is for another, you must choose the box that casts one less shadow. If you are doing this for yourself choose the box with one more shadow. If you are doing this to benefit yourself and another, then you must choose the box as you have counted the hours. Choose wisely, if you make a poor choice death will come for you and all will be lost. -- Posted from the book Shadow Counting.
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