Will Obama do it?

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Is Taco Bell the best mexican food you've ever had?

Yes, becuz I love life
No, becuz I should be kicked in the junk
Hell ya, Vote Glenn Bell for Prez
No votes
Hell ya, National Free Taco Bell Day, everyday for 365 days a year!
No, becuz I'm a chump and would rather eat at McDonalds
No votes
Total votes : 10

Will Obama do it?

Postby Ceruis » Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:50 pm

The most important question of the upcoming administration is not how to get the country out of it economic slump, or whether the Big 3 really deserve a loan, or even if we should pull out of Iraq. It most certainly isn't should we sign on to a internation treaty banning cluster blombs. No, the most important question be for President-Elect Obama is....drum roll plz...Is Taco Bell best mexican food ever invented or what? Should we, the people, create a national holiday in memory of Mr. Glenn Bell, the best man ever to set his mind to food?! You decide. Pick two answer and cast your vote! :banana
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