Stuff Happens *Whyllow's Fav Scientist*

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Stuff Happens *Whyllow's Fav Scientist*

Postby Stonecrush » Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:57 pm

I have watched a few episodes and find him funny at times, annoying 50% of the time and informative 25% of the time.

Learned about how Bacon hurts fish population. Interesting yet the problem of fish being over fished has been known for 25+ years. Also the fact that fish populations (ALL Populations of fast breading animals really) are cyclical. I personally dislike most commercial fishing practices, especially countries who can easily farm populations just choosing to just go other places to ruin populations.

Some solutions to fix populations, These are my ideas. Simply by adding more structure (man made reefs) with materials that we'd normally not use again and that are safe for underwater use (clean broken concrete, old metal street poles, old steel ships etc.) adding these structures adds cover, adding cover adds to feeder fish populations, structure for fish to breed. That leads to large fish populations being able to comb these reefs. Also forcing, and enforcing stricter commercial fishing laws. Yeah, I know commercial fisherman need a lively hood, and people need fish for food. I just think there needs to be a new way to reproduce fast breeding/growing fish in a careful way. To many farms could destroy local unique species.

Then Bill was discussing how coffee is destroying the rain forests due to the clear cutting for new farms. This is yet another complaint about the rain forests that I have listened to and has been ingrained into me for the past at least 20 years of my life. The way to stop destruction is to BUY the land... Problem solved.

Then he babbled about Food Miles.. Oye here we go with the green house gasses again. The jobs created to transport these produce products are much greater than just the local markets. Sure I buy from local markets around here (it really is the garden state, say what you want not many states can compete with NJ! :P ) I also buy things that don't grow around here because I like them and why should I pay more when the cost is less.. The way things are transported is pretty efficient not much space is wasted. Truckers could be granted their own lanes on roads with less stops, allowing them to get from A-B faster. Trains are MASSIVELY efficient with there MPG beyond non sailing ships/motor vehicles combined.

Will get more into this as I go.
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