School in 1967 compared to 2007

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Re: School in 1967 compared to 2007

Postby Jimbop » Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:00 pm

I should actually refine the term 'stringent' when it comes to New York State. A person has to take a safety training course, undergo a background check, have references, and a couple other things. Once you have your license, which is the tough thing to get, you then have almost no restrictions. You can carry and conceal anyplace but the obvious; federal buildings, airlines, etc... Each handgun you have also has to be registered to you. If that gun is sold to another person, the registration also has to change hands for the state to recognize the change of hands on the gun.

Whether or not you think obtaining a handgun should be easier or harder, the biggest issue is the vast differences in laws across all states. In a good number of states, carry and conceal is either very restricted or not allowed, which kind of seems rather ridiculous when you can walk into a store, bar, or practically anyplace in your home state. Even though I don't like the idea of the National Government adopting yet more laws on ya, I think in this issue a nationwide standard would be nice. I agree with you Bilnick that all gun owners should undergo some sort of a training program on proper gun usage. I also like the idea of having every gun registered to an individual upon purchase. It won't stop the flow of illegal weapons and won't stop people from stealing them from others with the intent to do harm, but it will stop people from buying guns up cheap in other states to sell off to other people in other states like New York where these guns end up in the hands of criminals, like one shop in South Carolina I read about. This place ended up being linked as the original retailer in a dozen handguns that were used in criminal activities in or near New York City. Gun Registration would hold the original purchaser much more legally responsible, since the guns would have to be re-registered with another person to be legally sold.
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Re: School in 1967 compared to 2007

Postby Ceruis » Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:24 pm

Jimbop wrote:.....Gun Registration would hold the original purchaser much more legally responsible, since the guns would have to be re-registered with another person to be legally sold.

That is an idea with merit. You bought the gun, your responsible for how it deposed of.
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Re: School in 1967 compared to 2007

Postby Bilnick » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:21 pm

There are too many hoops to jump through as it is to own or buy a gun.

Why does it take days for a background check? A cop can pull me over for speeding and know before he finishes writing the ticket IN HIS CAR if I have any felonies or warrants for my arrest. Why can't the government have that type of system available in Wal Mart, cabelas or any gun dealer?

My dad wants to give me one of his handguns. Neither one of us have any convictions (or even any accusations) of any type of crime misdemeanor or felony, yet I have to let the county sheriff know that my dad is giving me this weapon and I nee to register it. Why is it any business of the government if I own a gun?
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Re: School in 1967 compared to 2007

Postby Stonecrush » Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:57 pm

Yeah I agree with Bil on the registration. That actually on an extreme point leads to a thought that the government now knows which house to hit if the people rebel. Ok so and so has a gun time to hit them up to stop them from their actions :help. Thats an extreme case there.

There is no reason for the government to know which full citizens (criminals forfit that right of being a full citizen) own firearms in this country. There are ways to trace firearms as it is with legal purchases through the numbers. Registration just leads to making people feel singaled out creating division lines, and it's not necessary.

Gun Training is a good idea but beyond that it doesn't make much sense. Bils right a Cop knows more about my auto than I do when he/she pulls me over with just a few mins in a databank. There's no reason that gun shops couldn't be manditory on having a databank machine to know who's a criminal and who's not.
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