Milwaukee and Jimbop !!!

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Milwaukee and Jimbop !!!

Postby Serano » Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:21 pm

I think I have said this either to one or both of you direct and prolly in Officers forums somewhere.

But big thanks to both of you for bringing some of the best perspective to TF with almost every one of your posts. You two are the best Anti-DramaLama posters on TFs Website ever. You always post well written, well thought out, good vibration posts.

You give great perspective on the trials our guild goes thru as well as the ebb and flow of EQ Game play both group and raid content.

Both of you are Diamonds in the rough that is TF's herd of cats. We are lucky to have you two in TF and I personnaly appreciate your help on forums both answering the call on APP Feedback and calming the waters when the excitment meter rises on some of our colorful discussions or hot issues of the day.

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Postby Jimbop » Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:37 pm

Awesome, I'm named off in the title of an honoree thread! :bluejump :banana :dude:

Yeah, I have been around in game long enough that drama won't solve a thing, and loosing one's cool doesn't solve much either. It only ends up causing more problems later down the road, problems that are likely to fester and boil until they are no longer curable. Plus, even in RL, I keep that same nature about me. I make it one of my goals in life. If I'm mad about something, walk away, cool down a tad, and come back with constructive feedback. Unless someone at work repetitively does something wrong when I've told him 3 times how to do it. :madman:

When I know at least something about something, I usually try to come up with as constructive of a response as I can muster. Lately with apps, I haven't been really able to say anything on, as I don't know any of them really. But guaranteed if it's something like finding the boundary between life and EQ, which I do have knowledge in, you can be sure to see me mention about it.

I've said it before, yet it's always worth saying. TF is a great guild, and I'm definitely glad I joined up here, else I can guarantee I wouldn't still be playing today, as no other guild out there would have me for my playtime, and yet allow me to tag along when I can. Even if I ever get to the point of playing more during primetime hours, and want to raid consistently, I can say for 100% certainty that TF is the last guild I'll ever be in. :thumbup
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