Turtle Shell

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Turtle Shell

Postby tenor » Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:37 pm

A green turtle is crawling along the banks of Karana river trying to find away across. Suddenly a crocodile apprears. "mr. Turtle," says the crocodile, "let me transport You to the other side of the river. All You have to do is pull this painful thorn out from between my teeth. I will be forever grateful and be your friend."
The turtle looks at the crocodile cautiously "How do I know you wont eat me as soon as the thorn is out of your mouth?"
The crocodile laughs and says "Dont you know that when you remove the thorn you remove the pain. I will be your friend. You will be close to me as only a friend can be. Wouldnt it be wise to have a crocodile as a friend?"
The turtle stops and thinks for a moment. "Ok. I will remove your thorn." Crawling into the mouth of the crocodile the turtle removes the thorn. The crocodile sighs in relief and promptly swallows the turtle.
The crocodile swim to the other side of the river and stops to sun bathe. He laugh merrily and thinks of his friend fondly who is very close to him indeed.
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Postby Serrina » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:15 pm

that's funny but totally jacked up...
and hey! he got him to the other side!
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