Easier path to Circle of Divinity Rk. II

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Easier path to Circle of Divinity Rk. II

Postby Belos » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:46 pm

Circle of Divinity is the SoF cleric aura that allow those in group to increase hp around 9%, I believe depending on unbuffed hp/sta. The RK1 version is a fairly rare drop in crystallos. The RK2 can be bought with ally faction from Camp Valor merchant Hardin in Hills of Shade. This faction is a pain due to it moving very slowly and mobs are typically difficult to pull solo, for non-pulling classes, and can cast stun, blind, etc.

One task I found that was very easy and had the best faction bump i could find were the combat and errand task from Fenden Helter in Dragonscale Hills. If you use guild portal to get to DSH you will be ported into nymph castle and Fenden will be right next to exit. Target him and say errand. A screen will pop up and choose A Quick Errand-Camp Valor.

Quick run down of task:
Ask Quartermaster Entag about the supplies for Camp Valor 0/1 (North Felwithe)
( loc -81, -370 near the kiln and potters wheel in NORTH FELWITHE )

Tell Eldin Ner his supplies are ready with Quartermaster Entag 0/1 (Greater Faydark)
(Paths from the nexus to a spot just west of the nexus along the dirt path)

Get the supplies from Quartermaster Entag 0/1 (North Felwithe)
(hail Entag and receive Camp Valor Supplies)

Deliver the supplies to Hardrin in Camp Valor 0/1 (Hills of Shade)
(Give him the Camp Valor Supplies)

Speak with Fendin now that you are done.
(Hail Fendin and you are done

A little running around, but I found task gives faction hits equal to hours of factioning in HoS.
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