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Battlefield Heroes

Postby Caniza » Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:39 pm

Anyone tried it yet?

I've never been into real world shooters, but given the cartoony direction they took the series, I decided to give this one a look. Its pretty fun actually, spent hours playing it last night.

its browser based, only takes up about 300-400MBs of hard drive space. Its still fairly new and I'm not even sure if its out of beta yet, as there's not much content currently. Only a handful of maps, weapons, vehicles, and other goofy stuff. Its requires an EA Account (which is free). Its class based with 3 classes - commando, gunner, soldier. As you play you gain experience points and levels, as well as Victory Points you can use to buy upgrades such as new weapons or widgets (right now just bandages and vehicle repair kits). Leveling up gets you points you can spend on Abilities that range the standard damage absorption shield to the bizarre Gunner's "I Eat Grenades" (Eat all nearby explosives. Each explosive the gunner eats heals him). There's only 1 game mode - Take and Hold - Each side starts off with 50 points and whichever team controls fewer cps loses points. The first team to hit 0 points loses.

Since its free, there is a cash shop, but it so far appears centered around costumes for your Heroes and a few powerups that boost your exp and vp rates.

The Main complaints I have so far about it is the matchmaking system and disconnects, lots of disconnects... I had to try like 6 or 8 times to get into a match, many of which I seemed to get disconnected as soon as I loaded in. Quite a few of the servers seem to have reserved slots as I quite often see that I've taken up a reserved slot when I do get a connection or the disconnect right after loading into a map. So I'm guessing some of these disconnects may be autokicks for reserved slots. I've aslo been disconnected many times mid match and I suspect many of those were also due to my being in a reserved slot. High ping is another possibility as I have seen others kicked in matches for such, though near as I can tell, there is no ingame ping meter to see what it is. The really annoying part is I get next to no feedback as to why I disconneced besides a generic "Connection to Server Lost" message.

IMO Its got alot of potential, if they can fix the above issues and add more content and game modes.
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