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Everquest 2- you in?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2004 1:05 pm
by Gildorn
Just was curious, and wanted to see how many of you, if any, are switching to everquest 2. I don't expect many, just because it would be hard to let go of your current character, but nonetheless, it would be interesting to see.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2004 1:38 pm
by Serano
here is the thing tho. EQ2 is designed for a difffernent gaming style. at least per press reports.

Whilst I will be buying and playing EQ2 - ultimatly I will still be playing EQ, However, I might transition to raiding only in EQ and play the rest of my adventuring in EQ2 with the exeception of exploring new content


PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2004 2:47 pm
by Goofydoofy
Why would I play the second version of a game they can't ever get to work correctly?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 4:28 am
by kunglao
if WoW don't live up to the hype, I'll just stick with EQ. No EQ 2 for me.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 11:25 pm
by Calthine Faeriesong
I barely have time for EQ.... But I admit that I'm terribly curious about the Artesian class (imagine that) and the focus on a different playing style.


PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2004 9:09 am
by bill
not sure if i have enough spare time in my entire life to donate another 200days of to another game.

Gildorn where'd you disappear to anyhow?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2004 3:18 pm
by Fnord Shoggothslayer
But I admit that I'm terribly curious about the Artesian class (imagine that)

You want to be 'water rising to the surface under internal hydrostatic pressure'? Or perhaps you meant you want to be 'of or pertaining to Artois (anciently called Artesium), in France'. Either way, sounds terribly boring for a MMORPG.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2004 5:31 pm
by Calthine Faeriesong
I thought the Artesians were the little 6-armed dudes from old Ranier commercials.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:30 pm
by ZephaniahTF
I am going to get eq2 and be a big slacker there and keep raiding in eq 1.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 2:30 am
by Jahras
i wouldnt be able to run EQ2 unless i got a new PC, so no

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 8:30 am
by Ophidion
no way... my penis needs more exercise and there is nothing that is going to stop that.. not even EQ2

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 12:01 pm
by Guardrail
You bet we'll be going to EQ2! Will we completely quit EQ, not right away.
I've looked at WoW and I'm not all that impressed with it. Not nearly the depth EQ has and the graphics are just a bit to much anime for me.
EQ2, sure there will be problems with it but all games of this nature do.
The more complex they are, the more problems they will have.

I've been involved with the Lore of EQ for over 2years now. I'd like to see the changes that have taken place over the 500 years. The new graphics, NPC's talking to you, etc... but i would have to say the biggest reason is, I miss the days of being scared running across a zone, taking the boats or waiting for the Nexus Scion to port my a$$. Having that sensation of exploring a new area. I can honestly say, I have been in 97% of all the zones in the current EQ universe and know the mechanics of them.
Another huge reason is, I'm not a avid raider and according to Sony, EQ will be focused for the hardcore raiders.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 1:41 pm
by Malcore
I am going to wait and see what the beta for EQ2 looks like before making any decisions, but it on paper it sounds good. (and the vids have been interesting)

- Mal

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 6:02 pm
by Excellis
I plan on playing both. If it turns out that EQ II is clearly superior then I might drop EQ but I don't believe that Sony has any intention of losing long time players. Even the new expansion seems to be adding some features that made EQ2 sound different. I guess it's a matter of wait and see!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 11:34 am
by Velnarin
I've done a good deal of research on the topic. The best computer on the market supposedly can't run it with all options turned on. Needless to say it probably won't be in anyone's capability to so much as make it look good unless they have a lot of money to blow on a new computer.

Personally by looking at game functionality and the class system and whatnot, I was highly dissapointed. Partially because I am resistant to change I'm sure but some of the things they did to the classes made a huge "WTF" bubble appear over my head. Wizards have, judging by the class abilities, lost the ability to port and evacuate, and Shadowknights and Enchanters are now the evaccers, along with druids. ENCHANTERS are the Evaccers! Aaaaugh. They also made much damage for us much less subtle. But looking away from my own class, it's still just crazy.... Bards can ressurect.... BARDS.... if this were a new game completely I would just be a little "Hrmmm...." but I think the weird-o factor is just too weird to jump into any decision about it.

In the very end I may end up getting EQ2 after I obtain my job but there's no way I'd either go to it or recommend anyone go to it until they read the reveiws.