patch notes 4/14/10

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patch notes 4/14/10

Postby Meso » Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:56 am


*** Highlights ***

All classes have new Alternate Advancement abilities available for purchase.
Underfoot raids have had another tuning pass. See the Quests and Events section for details.
*** Items ***

Damascite Encrusted Cephalic Clay will now properly combine to make Damascite head armor.
Increased the HP, Mana and Endurance on Tier 9 weapons where they were too low.
Most stats and mods on Damascite armor were not set correctly. This has been corrected.
All Underfoot weapon procs have been modified to make them more consistent and to ensure they function correctly with Twinproc and Twincast. In most cases effectiveness was increased, but there are instances where proc damage was lowered to allow weapons to fit better within their tier. This process will be repeated with more recent weapon procs as time allows.
Added a type 7 augment slot to the Sootstained Shroud of Creation.
Added standard click effects to the later versions of the new prayer shawls.
Fixed the incorrect cast proc on Revered Fighting Courage of Brell, Revered Casting Ease of Brell, Sacred Fighting Courage of Brell and Sacred Casting Ease of Brell.
Fixed a bug in Blessed Healing Force of Brell and Sacred Healing Force of Brell that caused them to return more mana than intended.
Modified the rune part of the tank version of the Blessed and Sacred Serilis Prayer Shawl.
Updated the heal amount on Brell's Blessed Aloe Balm and Brell's Sacred Aloe Balm and moved both to the short duration buff window.
The Casting Ease of Brell, Healing Force of Brell and Chromatic Force of Brell shawl effects should no longer be triggered by AAs.
Added bard instrument modifiers and other spell foci to Underfoot armor pieces that were missing them.
Fixed a bug with Knowledge of the Past 6, 7, & 8 that capped the HP/Mana regen at the Rank 5 level.
Fixed a bug with Soothing Breath 3, 4, & 5 that capped the HP/Mana regen at a lower level.
Changed the click effect on Vermilionite Underbead to Knowledge of the Past III.
Some of the group augments for the 11th Anniversary Mission have had their statistics improved.
*** Tradeskills ***

Added Crystal Hydra, Crystal Spheres, Ambuloids, Sessiloids, and some types of mudmen/golems to the list of races that will drop metal and loam for tradeskills.
A recipe for a new useful tinkering device can be found on the Useful Automated Vendor in Brell's Rest.
New soloist seals have been discovered. Seek the book "More Soloist Seals" for instructions on how to make these new seals.
*** Quests & Events ***

Changed the point at which the Fungal Bloom task locks.
Wimzig Manasieve will now return the scrying device to players who lose it.
Corrected an issue causing the Stealing my Life Back mission to interfere with The First Corruption mission.
The Cooling Chamber mission "Tasnise Underbelly" has had some of its population removed. Slightly reduced the damage done by Tasnise and his undead mini bosses.
Tasnise Underbelly will now send the entire group down into the icy depths of the Cooling Chamber when he gets angry at the intrusion.
Ugen should correctly speak his dialog when you give multiple items to him at once in The Silent Schism mission.
All Underfoot quests will now award coin upon completion.
Lower tier Underfoot missions and quests will now award Silver Tokens in addition to coin and experience.
A new currency "Brellium Tokens" has been created. This currency will be awarded for completing higher tier Underfoot quests and missions in addition to coin and experience.
Two new vendors will now accept Brellium Tokens for some items if you have completed all missions in the tier where they drop. See Dermott Saltagger in the Adherents camp in Foundation for tier 7 items or Vendor-Bot Model CM in the Shining City for tier 8 or 9 items.
Saria Everhot near the forge in Kernagir is able to re-forge your unwanted raid weapons - for a price.
Corrected an issue that was causing the Gold Plated Spiked Gear to ignore Dragons, Dragons, Dragons results for 2010.
Corrected an issue with the Gold Clockwork Abacus that caused it to give the wrong Gold Plated Contact Spring in some instances. If you get a new abacus from the Reward Distribution Facilitator in the Plane of Knowledge you should get the correct item.
Underfoot raids have had another tuning pass:

Fippy the Destroyer - Reduced Fippy's total HP and reduced Wild Rampage damage in phase 5.
The Unburrowing - Reduced HP on main boss and adds.
The Unburrowing - Reduced combat values on adds.
Grunkuck the Beast - Increased the warning timers on two of the Beast’s powers.
Grunkuck the Beast - Reduced HP and combat values on both beasts.
Grunkuck the Beast - Increased minimum timers on most abilities.
Grunkuck the Beast - Reduced damage on Vicious Strike and Otherworldly Explosion.
Masked Invaders - Reduced Brutale's hit points, increased his power-up time, and prevented more than one from spawning at once.
Masked Invaders - Reduced Excavator's hit points and prevented more than one from spawning at once.
Wrath of Brath - Reduced Brath's combat values once his regeneration is removed.
Wrath of Brath - Reduced combat values on all types of adds.
Wrath of Brath - Only one Basher will spawn with each wave of Autarchian dwarves protecting Brath.
Guardians of the Hive - Reduced hit points and attack values on each guardian.
Guardians of the Hive - Increased the cast time for the healing mushrooms.
Cliknar Queen - Corrected an issue where some young cliknar were seeking sustenance before they became attackable.
Cliknar Queen - Made the young queens less dangerous.
Cliknar Queen - Reduced HP of the Queen and increased the minimum interval on her AoE.
A Cunning Plan - Reduced combat values of all NPCs involved in the event.
*** Spells ***

Bard - Venimor's Insult instrument mod cap now increases with each rank.
Bard - Venimor's Insult Rank III's base damage has been increased.
Bard - Fixed an issue that caused Identity Crisis to function incorrectly when used while another AA was in progress.
Berserker - Lowered the endurance cost of Vigorous Axe Throw and Shared Bloodlust by 10%.
Monk - Lowered the endurance cost of Vigorous Shuriken Throw and Drunken Monkey Style by 10%.
Necromancer - Necrotize Ally is no longer focusable, allowing for predictable timing.
Necromancer - Necrotize Ally will no longer damage the pet more than once if the AE hits more than one target.
Ranger - You can now purchase a new level 85 magical arrow spell called Flusterbolt from Kalim`Kar the Gold in the Plane of Time.
Rogue - Lowered the endurance cost of Vigorous Dagger Throw and Assault by 10%.
*** NPC ***

Fixed a problem that was causing Underfoot raid NPCs to resist most physical attacks.
Lowered the aggro and assist ranges of creatures in the Foundation.
The Acidic Goo in Cooling Chamber should now appear more often, but in fewer locations.
Damage from Machine Static in Steam Factory will no longer give a 5 minute out of combat timer.
*** AA ***

All classes have new Alternate Advancement abilities available for purchase.
Fixed an issue causing twinproc or twincast to fail when a player had varying levels of the two AAs purchased.
Bard - Cacophony - The damage portion of this AA will now stack between multiple bards. The spell interrupt portion will not.
Bard - The hundred hands component of Quicktime is no longer boosted by singing skill.
Druid - Third Spire of Nature has been corrected to be a group spell.
Necromancer - Flesh to Bone will now convert a stack of more than 20 items to bone chips.
Warrior - Field Armorer's Patch-Up will no longer overwrite Unrivaled Rapidity.
*** Achievements ***

Renamed the achievement "Master of the Underfoot" to "Sentinel of the Underfoot."
Created a new achievement "Master of the Underfoot". A reward will be granted to those who complete this achievement.
Changed existing meta achievements in the Underfoot: General to show complete lists of their requirements instead of the single checkbox they had shown previously.
*** Miscellaneous ***

The Norrathian Expediency Initiative authorizes those adventurers with at least 12 years of service access to the Summoned Permutation Peddler. This vendor provides on-location Augmentation Distiller sales as well as a portable Augmentation Sealer.
Relocated the safe point in Foundation so that it is closer to the zone in point.
Changed pathing in Foundation so that hostile NPCs will no longer walk as close to the zone in point.
Raised the cap on rogue’s triple attack skill to 350 at level 85. Rogues can now start gaining triple attack at level 46.
Healer mercenaries will now heal dire charmed NPCs.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from unshrouding while they had a suspended mercenary.
Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause tank mercenaries to become unresponsive during combat.
Raid and Group Leadership AA experience rewards will now be granted if the player has leadership experience turned off when selecting the reward.
*** UI ***

Kick, Flying Kick, and Frenzy damage modifiers should now be displayed properly in the Stats tab of the inventory window.
*** Previously Updated ***

Added a lifespan limit to Summoner Neitkos' adds.
Karl Kranigan, while in his hideaway in the Freeport Sewers, will now answer your hail more than once in case you missed what he said the first time.
Karl Kranigan will now give rewards to folks that happened to get themselves killed while defeating his Behemoths.
Raised the experience modifier in Karl Kranigan's lair in the Freeport Sewers.
Fabled mobs should no longer spawn in the classic monster missions.
The Tribunal's most wanted have lost their ability to land furious blows.
Changed the locations where a Clockwork Magma Meter MCMXCIX stops in order to reduce the duration and difficulty of his quest.
Corrected an issue causing the Distribution Facilitator to not give a gold abacus to everyone who needed one.
Lowered the aggro and assist ranges of many NPCs in Convorteum.

- The EverQuest Team
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